Natural Resources Management

Our wildlife biologists, botanists, arborists, foresters, landscape architects, and habitat restoration specialists provide science-based analysis to help you balance the preservation and stewardship of natural resources with a community’s growth and infrastructure development needs.

Plan, Protect, Preserve

We provide expertise to design, permit, and build projects involving habitat conservation planning, habitat creation and restoration, land management, and natural resources planning. Our project experience ranges from restoring and protecting a few acres of wetlands to managing multiple species habitat conservation plans that cover thousands of acres.

Discover, Assess, Manage

We thoroughly and efficiently monitor, document, and manage biological, arboricultural, and water resources to ensure resource treatment is compliant with regulations and to support state and federal permitting and environmental documentation.

Our methodologies and techniques help clients balance sometimes competing preservation and development goals. In an ever-changing regulatory environment, we stay on top of requirements, so you can meet your objectives in a timely, compliant, and sustainable way.

Our Leaders

Michael Sweesy
Senior Habitat Restoration Project Manager
“The key to our success is located at the intersection of keen environmental awareness, ecological knowledge, and in-depth understanding of laws, regulations, and guidance. Supported by sound ecology-based restoration, we seek a balance that appropriately values natural resources to support our clients’ goals and satisfy regulatory requirements to ensure expeditious permit acquisition.”

Mike Huff
Senior Urban Forestry Project Manager
“I seek to provide clients customized and creative solutions by analyzing and re-analyzing the issues, collecting data, considering options, and working with clients and agency decision makers to discuss the appropriate course of action. This approach ensures we craft reports that are consistent with codes and regulatory requirements while offering the most efficient solution for the project.”

Sarah Lozano
Biological Senior Project Manager
“Public clients have diverse challenges and need to solve problems quickly to keep their constituents’ businesses and operations moving forward. Through 21 years’ experience, exclusively at Dudek, I have a unique understanding of our firm’s capabilities. I help our technical and policy experts provide turn-key, customized approaches to CEQA/NEPA, endangered species, clean water act and clean air act compliance issues.”

  • State Route 17 Wildfire Resilience Planning and Implementation

    Case Study

    See how Dudek helped Caltrans with wildfire resiliency planning and implementation by reducing vegetative fuel along SR-17 in Santa Clara County.

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  • South Sacramento Habitat Conservation Plan and Aquatic Resources Plan

    Case Study

    The SSHCP provides development and infrastructure projects with streamlined, predictable federal and state permitting processes while creating a preserve system to protect habitat, open space, and agricultural lands.

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  • San Marcos Unified School District Biological Mitigation

    Case Study

    The District developed ambitious plans to preserve the wetlands and to translocate the plants to a 7.6-acre preserve surrounding the school on two sides.

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