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Our professionals find practical, cost-effective approaches to help you achieve your specific project goals no matter your sector. We work to build your trust, allowing us to offer constructive solutions with your project’s long-term success in mind.

Water flows through the California aqueduct


We have nearly four decades’ experience in environmental planning and engineering design for California water projects.

Multiple modes of energy generation, including transmission lines, wind turbines, and solar panels.


The Dudek energy team delivers informed siting solutions, efficient licensing processing, cost-effective mapping services, and specialized compliance management tools for energy projects across the nation.


We provide cities with the specialized expertise necessary to maintain efficient, effective service to communities whether working on a specific project or serving in an extension-of-staff role.


We provide environmental planning, permitting, technical studies, and long-term environmental mitigation on a variety of transportation projects, including highways, rail lines, and airports.

Industrial agricultural processing and manufacturing plant


We help navigate regulatory requirements, optimize water usage and conservation, and clean up contaminated sites to promote environmental stewardship and sustainable development for industrial facilities.


Our environmental planners and scientists effectively guide landowners through the complex entitling and permitting processes to develop solutions that are scientifically sound, legally compliant, and practical in implementation.


We apply expertise in conservation and land management to develop effective planning and permitting approaches tailored to your plan area’s specific characteristics.

Ports and Harbors

We apply deep knowledge of complex issues and environmental requirements, as well as long-term agency relationships to successfully complete a variety of port and harbor projects.


Our environmental professionals help schools, colleges, and universities complete environmental documentation and permitting for new and expanded campus facilities.


Our professionals successfully complete projects in consideration of hospital operations and practices, city policies, agency permitting, and other development goals and challenges.


We partner with federal agencies and provide solutions to complex environmental and infrastructure challenges, aiming to safeguard national and natural resources and foster a sustainable environment for future generations.

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