Reliable Power

As energy sources, policies, and usage change, understanding and adapting to these changes results in efficient facility development and reliable power. Planning for construction of improvement of small- and utility-scale facilities requires effective siting, permitting, construction, and compliance, while balancing budget and schedules to deliver timely and cost-effective results.

Developing and Transmitting Sustainable Energy

Whether your goal is to comply with energy regulations, develop sites to produce energy, or transmit and store energy, plans, designs, permits, and monitoring can be completed efficiently and practically with an experienced group of multidisciplinary specialists.

Choosing Dudek to support your goal gives you access to an interconnected team of siting, permitting, development, construction, and transmission experts. With this range of expertise and longevity in the industry, we can help you develop and/or transmit sustainable energy. Our team will help you succeed and Du More™ to achieve your reliable power goals.

What We Do

Our team of multidisciplinary experts work together to help achieve your goals for lasting infrastructure.

  • Edwards Sanborn Solar Storage Facility

    Case Study

    The Edwards Sanborn Solar Storage Facility in Kern County, CA will help power up to 158,000 homes using solar and battery energy.

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  • Borderlands Wind Project

    Case Study

    See how Dudek ensured compliance during construction of the Borderlands Wind Project on the border or Arizona and New Mexico.

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  • SDG&E Power Line Replacement Projects

    Case Study

    See how SDG&E combined 70 separate permits into a single Master Special Use Permit to undertake replacement of power lines across 145 miles.

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