Our Firm

Founded in 1980, Dudek is a 100% employee-owned environmental, planning, and engineering firm headquartered in Encinitas, California.

We're Multidisciplinary

Our 800+ multidisciplinary employees are planners, scientists, and engineers who help clients plan, design, and build projects that improve communities’ built and natural infrastructure.

We are creative, pragmatic problem-solvers working at the intersection of science, engineering, regulations, and multiple stakeholders’ interest to help clients achieve project goals.

We're Nationwide

With offices in 7 states, projects in all 50, and staff nationwide, we're poised to quickly mobilize for any project need.

US map with green splotches and people figures distributed throughout.

We're Client-Focused

We Help Solve Your "Stickier" Problems

We're Nimble

We are organized to meet the needs of our clients. That means that everyone at Dudek is a leader in some capacity, whether project management, technical, work product delivery, or operational. Often, we wear more than one of these hats. Individuals collaborate quickly without bureaucratic layers so we can be nimble problem-solvers for your project.

We Value Relationships

Projects succeed through deep technical expertise and outstanding project management. People succeed through relationships. We see our clients as individuals we want to help succeed by:

  • Listening to and understanding your project need
  • Committing to collaboration and communication
  • Keeping your best interests at the heart of every decision
  • Being an easy and enjoyable partner to work with
We Get It Done!

Our project managers, technical experts, and support staff are committed to helping you Du More by completing projects on time and on budget. In 2021, 91% of our projects were on or under budget and on or ahead of schedule.

Compared to other firms in an industry-wide survey by Deltek, we’re leading the pack by more than 20 percentage points on budget and 30 percentage points on schedule!

Curious how our passionate experts can help you DU more®? Get in touch!