South Sacramento Habitat Conservation Plan and Aquatic Resources Plan

The South Sacramento Habitat Conservation Plan (SSHCP) and Aquatic Resources Plan (ARP) is a regional effort by Sacramento County, the cities of Galt and Rancho Cordova, Sacramento County Water Agency, and Capital Southeast Connector Joint Powers Authority. The SSHCP provides development and infrastructure projects with streamlined, predictable federal and state permitting processes while creating a preserve system to protect habitat, open space, and agricultural lands.

Project Facts
  • County of Sacramento
  • Approved and all permits issued; plans being implemented
  • 28 plant and wildlife species covered by plan
  • 10 threatened/endangered species covered
  • 317,656 acre plan area
  • 36,282 acres of planned preserves

The Challenge

Project-by-project mitigation processes often resulted in small, isolated preserves. The Plan partners sought master wetlands permits, a master streambed alteration agreement, and waste discharge requirement to provide a more effective process for protecting natural resources within a 317,656-acre study area.

The Solution

We developed the HCP and ARP, and are assisting the County with EIR/EIS preparation from initial kickoff through preparation and processing of draft and final documents, including technical study preparation and hearings and comment processes. The SSHCP will create large, interconnected preserves sustained by an adequately funded management program and will support continued success of certain farming and ranching practices. The ARP provides a companion regional wetlands permitting strategy for vernal pools, streams, and other aquatic resources in accordance with the SSHCP.

In Our Words

“The SSHCP is a new paradigm for environmental permitting, and the first time that species permitting and wetlands permitting have been successfully coordinated.”

Mike Henry
Senior Ecologist

What We Did

Our multidisciplinary specialties allow us to provide efficiencies that maintain project momentum.

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