Mapping and Surveying

Dudek’s Mapping and Surveying team has experienced licensed land surveyors located across North America and Hawai’i. Our team specializes in ALTA Surveys, lidar topo surveys, design-level site mapping, and Web-based mapping solutions. The team has provided mapping services since 1980 and continues evolving to leverage new data collection methodologies and delivery systems.

ALTA Boundary Surveying

Our team specializes in ALTA cadastral surveys in support of land transactions and has created a unique process to complete them cost-effectively and accurately. Our field team utilizes new mapping technology that provides our office team with real-time access to field activities allowing us to deliver projects more efficiently.

Clients also have access to this technology, giving them a real-time understanding of the site being surveyed and the current status of the overall project.

Drone pilot looks at UAV on a ground target, with energy transmission lines in the background.

Design-Level Topo Surveys

Utilizing ground surveys, UAVs, and fixed-wing planes, we collect the data required to complete detailed design-level topo maps. For each project, we deploy the appropriate sensor technology including Riegl lidar, imagery, magnetometer, GPR, and/or thermal. Our deliverables and survey applications include:

  • 1-inch to 2-foot topo maps
  • Full Site design planimetrics
  • Underground GPR utility mapping
  • Aboveground powerline lidar surveys
  • Oil infrastructure surveys with aerial magnetometers
  • Solar panel site inspection with UAV thermal sensors
  • Construction monitoring with UAV video and imagery
  • Underwater Bathymetric mapping
Aerial mapping of natural disaster area showing brown flood water inundating area with a lot of trees

Web-Based Mapping Solutions

Dudek is an ESRI business partner and our team leverages WebGIS technology to deliver solutions for complex surveying and mapping projects. By utilizing robust technology sets from ESRI, our mapping and surveying team can deliver projects faster and offer specialized services, including:

What We Do

Our multidisciplinary in-house specialties allow us to provide efficiencies that maintain project momentum.



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