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Environmental Planning

Planning for and throughout natural environments may take different approaches, but it always requires navigating regulations, agencies, and stakeholders to achieve a result based in sound scientific principals and robust data.

Reliable Power

Planning for construction of improvement of small- and utility-scale facilities requires effective siting, permitting, construction, and compliance, while balancing budget and schedules to deliver timely and cost-effective results.

A San Diego coastal roadway on a sunny day

Climate Resilience

Climate resilience may take various approaches, but it always requires assessing risks and vulnerabilities, measuring readiness and adaptive capacity, and quantifying potential impacts to address how climate change will create new, or alter current, climate-related risks.

Human Placemaking

Planning and designing for small- and large-scale communities involves assessing current needs and long-term trends, while navigating regulations, agencies, and stakeholders to achieve a lasting result

Lasting Infrastructure

Planning and designing for infrastructure may take different approaches, but it always requires consideration of the right technology and environmental factors with agency budgets and timeframes, as well as stakeholders to achieve a future-proof plan and design.

Streamlined Construction

Preparing for and seeing construction through to completion also requires good relationships with investors, certifying agencies, and construction teams to navigate potential issues and maintain project momentum.

Digital Innovation

Having access to and using innovative services, tools, and techniques can help your audience understand, analyze, and respond to your work to make decisions and move projects forward.

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