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Custom Dudek Tool Enables Efficient Trail Alignment Assessment

In post-fire landscapes, unauthorized trail pioneering often occurs when barriers to passage, such as dense native vegetation, have been removed. Unplanned, spontaneous trail establishment is done without consideration of proper trail design, and these activities often happen out of the purview of land managers, in areas where patrolling is infrequent or absent due to limited

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Dudek Noise Tool Enables Streamlined Siting Decisions for Energy Storage Facilities

Energy storage facilities are often sited near electrical distribution substations in urban and suburban environments to capitalize on the energy demands in these areas. In such locations, noise-sensitive uses may exist nearby, such as residential neighborhoods, hospitals, churches, and schools. Introduction of a noise generation source, such as an energy storage facility, must take existing

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UAV-Based Construction Monitoring Delivers Accurate Daily Counts

Dudek’s Mapping and Surveying team leverages more than 20 years of experience providing survey, permitting, and construction monitoring services. In 2019, we worked with First Solar to create a UAV-based construction monitoring and materials counting survey system. Data is collected using UAVs and analyzed with machine learning technology to provide material counts, before being provided

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