UAV-Based Construction Monitoring Delivers Accurate Daily Counts

Dudek’s Mapping and Surveying team leverages more than 20 years of experience providing survey, permitting, and construction monitoring services. In 2019, we worked with First Solar to create a UAV-based construction monitoring and materials counting survey system. Data is collected using UAVs and analyzed with machine learning technology to provide material counts, before being provided to project managers within 24 hours of the surveys. Throughout 2019, Dudek flew daily UAV flights at eight separate First Solar construction sites and maintained a consistent accuracy of nearly 99.8% across all sites.

Collecting construction status data is time- and resource-intensive, typically performed manually by site teams, and is prone to human error. Dudek’s UAV-based construction monitoring system alleviates these pain points with a cost-competitive solution. Large data sets are collected using UAVs and analyzed with machine learning technology to cost-effectively provide material counts that are audited at 99.8% accuracy. The data is then turned into actionable information that is made available to project managers within 24 hours of the UAV surveys.

Infographic of UAV-based construction monitoring using infrastructure inspection technology. The graphic shows the flight path of a drone flying over a solar energy farm that is under construction.

“Development of the Dudek UAV-based construction monitoring system sought to streamline the often cumbersome and error-prone task of construction monitoring while producing highly accurate results in record time,” says Steve Hochart, Mapping and Surveying Group Practice Director at Dudek. “It’s been exciting to see the various disciplines within Dudek come together to develop a final product that provides precise and actionable construction material counts within 24 hours of a UAV flight.”

Dudek is answering the growing need for unmanned aerial services expertise for various client sectors across the nation. The Mapping and Surveying Group has mapped more than 1,200,000 acres throughout North America using a variety of state-of-the-art technologies.

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