Planning and Urban Design

Planning for complex, controversial projects doesn’t need to be complicated. We are experts at navigating projects through the intersection of science, regulations, and multiple stakeholder interests.

Comprehensive Planning

Communities face many opportunities and complex challenges in establishing their land use plans and goals. Our expert planners assist cities, counties, and developers with a wide range of planning activities that balance community interests and character, environmental resources, regulatory and permitting requirements, economic development goals, and infrastructure needs.

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Collaborative Design

Our planners and urban designers create great places, big and small. Utilizing our collaborative and analytical strength, we solve complex planning challenges while balancing competing objectives within the disciplines of urban design, land use, infrastructure, sustainability, and transportation.

Our plans are realistic, bold, and stand the test of time.

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Our Leaders

Gaurav Srivastava, AICP
Senior Urban Design Project Manager

“Good urban design is timeless.

My work with cities is driven by twin passions:

to reduce the footprint of human habitation via compact redevelopment of city centers, and

to always reinforce the importance of the pedestrian experience as the defining experience of cities.

We make decisions daily that leave lasting imprints on the cityscape.”

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