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Rescuing Wastewater Facility Stranded Capacity

Finding “low-hanging fruit” at wastewater facilities to increase capacity and improve operational reliability can pay significant benefit by maintaining service levels without committing to large-scale capital expenditures. “The key is seeking out inexpensive adjustments to current operating facilities that may allow postponing, changing, or eliminating major projects and expenditures,” said Bob Ohlund, PE, Dudek’s vice

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Innovative Design Corrects Sewer Siphon Odors

After receiving resident feedback that its sewers were emitting odors, Orange County Sanitation District (OCSD) launched an investigation into the effectiveness of its sewer siphons’ ventilation. While the Fountain Valley, CA district has a proactive siphon cleaning and maintenance program, the number of odor complaints in the vicinity of siphons indicated they were the problem.

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Managing Aging Wastewater Infrastructure CIP

Aging infrastructure and lack of capacity due to population growth are straining sewer collection systems, leaving agencies vulnerable to potential spills and resulting fines. “Municipalities face increasing public pressure and regulatory requirements, such as the statewide waste discharge requirements, to have reliable, responsible infrastructure management in place,” said Steve Jepsen, a Dudek capital improvement program

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