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Mountain Ave. West Groundwater Replenishment Basins

The Mountain Ave. West Groundwater Replenishment Basins project is a 40-acre recharge facility that is part of the San Jacinto Valley Enhanced Recharge and Recovery Program (SJVERRP) operated by the Eastern Municipal Water District. The SJVERRP will create a resilient water supply supporting the sustainable management of the San Jacinto Groundwater Basin (Basin), reduce dependence

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Burbank Complete Streets Plan

“Complete Our Streets” is the City of Burbank’s Complete Streets Plan for future street improvements citywide. Funded by a Sustainable Communities Grant from Caltrans, the Plan implements the City’s General Plan Mobility Element and identifies goals, policies, guidelines, and an implementation plan for future right-of-way projects. The Plan prioritizes and locates improvements to connectivity, access,

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Coast Community College District Vision 2020 Master Plan Program EIRs

The Vision 2020 Facilities Master Plan (plan) outlined Coast Community College District’s (District) proposed growth over a decade. Dudek prepared Program EIRs to assess the impacts of plan implementation for the Golden West College (GWC) and Orange Coast College (OCC) campuses. Both EIRs were approved without challenge in 2015.

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