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Pomona ACTS Transformative Climate Communities Coordination Planning

Dudek performed coordination planning for the City of Pomona’s Pomona ACTS (Activated for Community Transformation and Sustainability) Transformative Climate Communities (TCC) Planning Grant efforts. To position the City for a future TCC implementation grant application, Dudek investigated available leverage funding, identified and assessed potential projects, assisted with engagement, and advanced priority transportation projects.

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City of Bakersfield Transformative Climate Communities Plan

The Bakersfield Transformative Climate Communities Plan identifies projects that support the development of housing, employment, and active transportation through Cap and Trade, as well as other state-level funding sources. Dudek led a qualitative and GIS-based review of City plans and policy to identify the most competitive projects for grant funding based on their defensible greenhouse

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Indio Transformative Climate Communities Plan

The Indio Transformative Climate Communities Plan is a roadmap to identify and prioritize projects and investments in the City of Indio’s Jewel Community to support neighborhood-level environmental, public health, workforce, and economic benefits. The plan explores community projects in four key themes: community, housing, transportation, and urban greening.

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