Pure Water San Diego

Pure Water San Diego transforms the City’s water and wastewater systems into an urban water cycle that maximizes use of the world’s most precious resource. Upon completion, Pure Water will produce 83 million gallons per day of potable recycled water through the design and construction of new advanced water purification, pumping, and conveyance facilities, as well as upgrading existing facilities, making it one of the largest and most ambitious water recycling programs in the nation.

Project Facts
  • City of San Diego, Public Utilities Department
  • San Diego, California
  • EIR certified in 2016
  • 83 million gallons per day
  • One-third of San Diego’s water supply by 2035

The Challenge

San Diego County’s more than 3 million residents and countless businesses rely on importing 85% of its water supply from the Colorado River and Northern California Bay Delta. As imported water costs continue to rise, the county is increasingly vulnerable to water shortages and drought, so a project was needed to increase local control of a sustainable water supply.

The Solution

In addition to creating a drought-proof, locally-sourced replacement to imported water, Pure Water San Diego will also reduce the flow of treated wastewater effluent to the Pacific Ocean. Dudek prepared the Program Environmental Impact Report for the Pure Water Program, which addresses the effects of facility construction and operation, as well as long-term effects associated with changes in water supply procurement. The Pure Water Program EIR was certified by the San Diego City Council in late 2016.

Your Success. Our Business.

The City of San Diego received an Outstanding Environmental Document Award in 2017 from the California Association of Environmental Professionals for the Program EIR prepared by Dudek.

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