Hesperia Commerce Center I and II EIR

Covington Group aimed to develop industrial complexes in Hesperia, California. Facing environmental challenges, including protecting endangered species, Dudek crafted an environmental impact report for the Hesperia Commerce Center, addressing impacts to endangered species, air quality, and traffic. The permits secured set a precedent for desert-area developments, emphasizing conservation in San Bernardino County.

Project Facts
  • Covington Group, Inc.
  • Hesperia, CA.
  • Three industrial complexes totaling 2 million sq. ft.
  • Addressed endangered species, air quality, GHG, and traffic impacts
  • Collaborated with CDFW and NGOs

The Challenge

Covington Group, Inc. set its sights on developing three vast industrial complexes totaling 2 million square feet. However, they encountered environmental challenges including the protection of endangered species like the Western Joshua Tree, Mojave ground squirrel, desert tortoise, and burrowing owl. Air quality, greenhouse gas, and vehicular traffic impacts were all a concern.

The Solution

Dudek drafted a comprehensive environmental impact report (EIR) addressing these challenges. Through collaboration with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) and NGOs, we navigated permitting obstacles, securing an incidental take permit for the western Joshua tree. The EIR also outlined advanced greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction techniques for eco-conscious construction.

The Impact

Hesperia Commerce Center II’s unique incidental take permit (only the second) for the Western Joshua Tree in California has become a benchmark for desert-area developments. This milestone will help facilitate future projects while preserving the biodiversity of San Bernardino County.

What We Did

Our multidisciplinary specialties allow us to provide efficiencies that maintain project momentum.

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