Scripps Memorial Hospital Encinitas Master Plan EIR

To accommodate population growth in the City of Encinitas and the surrounding north coastal region of San Diego County, the City proposed a five-phase expansion to Scripps Memorial Hospital to more than double the square footage of hospital facilities. Dudek helped the hospital craft a Master Plan EIR to accommodate these growth plans.

Project Facts
  • City of Encinitas
  • San Diego County
  • 28-acre project site
  • 541,562 square-foot expansion

The Challenge

Key environmental review issues included aesthetics, air quality, cultural resources, geology and soils, hazards and hazardous materials, hydrology and water quality, land use and planning, noise, cumulative effects, growth inducement, and traffic circulation. The greenhouse gas (GHG) evaluation was particularly challenging, since hospitals are required by state law to maintain a high level of air ventilation and are exempt from Title 24, a frequently used baseline for GHG analyses.

The Solution

Our air quality analysis was the first for the City to address global climate change issues pursuant to California Assembly Bill (AB) 32 Global Warming Solutions Act requiring reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, we developed an approach to address the regulation and presented it to the City, which adopted this approach for the environmental impact report (EIR) and several other stalled EIR projects struggling with the question of how to approach AB 32.

What We Did

Our multidisciplinary specialties allow us to provide efficiencies that maintain project momentum.

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