CEQA Services for California State University

To support sound CEQA documentation for projects and plans California State University (CSU) campuses, the Chancellor’s Office selected us as one of its pre-qualified consultants to provide CEQA services, as needed, on any of its 23 campuses.

Project Facts
  • California State University
  • CEQA support to 8 campuses
  • Project support is ongoing

The Challenge

Many CSU buildings constructed in the 1950s and 1960s reaching end of usable life require replacement yet have historical significance. Campus development and growth, however, is frequently of concern to local agencies and community stakeholders. A skilled approach is needed to balance growth and resource preservation, address town-gown issues, and manage documentation for complex, controversial campus modernization projects and campus plans.

The Solution

We are assisting CSU campuses with proactive and effective CEQA compliance services for projects and plans to update and grow their campuses, including San Diego and San Francisco State, Fullerton, Los Angeles, Monterey Bay, Chico, Fresno, and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

For SDSU, we prepared four Master Plan Update EIRs, and were one of the first firms to address the City of Marina court decision. Our staff managed the SFSU Campus Master Plan EIR and led the completion of multiple tiered CEQA documents for campus projects, which involved historical evaluations and local agency consultations.

In Our Words

“Regardless of the CEQA approach for a public university project, early consultation with the interested local agency enables a more transparent, collaborative, and solution-oriented process.”

Ann Sansevero, AICP
Senior Environmental Planner

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