City of San Diego Annual Housing Inventory Reports

The City of San Diego’s Annual Report on Homes presents progress made each year toward the City’s housing production goals and initiatives to facilitate housing production. For several years, Dudek has helped the City craft the report, which displays complex housing permit data in a format that can be easily understood by the public and decision makers.

Project Facts
  • City of San Diego Planning Department
  • Report prepared and designed 3 years running
  • Informed by more than 40,000 data records

The Challenge

The Annual Report on Homes helps City staff better communicate the ongoing housing crisis to community members and decision makers. It serves as the public-facing version of a State-mandated housing report that is difficult to interpret, given that the data includes multiple worksheets with over 10,000 records of data each. Data must be quickly turned around from collection to inclusion in the report, however the City has limited staff and does not have an in-house graphic design team to convert data into engaging visuals.

The Solution

Dudek’s Planning and Visual Storytelling teams collaborated closely to develop a vision for communicating technical data in a graphic format. The teams strategized to produce a versatile and streamlined product to meet the City’s needs. The creativity of Dudek’s visual storytellers along with the technical expertise of our planners resulted in a series of comprehensive and visually engaging reports, lauded by the City.

An Ongoing Partnership

Dudek has supported the City's preparation of the Annual Report on Homes since 2021.

The Impact

The Annual Report on Homes increases transparency surrounding housing production in the midst of a city and statewide housing supply and affordability crisis. Fostering data-driven conversations around housing is the foundation for gaining collective understanding of the issues as well as community support for policy and programmatic solutions.

What We Did

Our multidisciplinary specialties allow us to provide efficiencies that maintain project momentum.


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