Pomona ACTS Transformative Climate Communities Coordination Planning

Dudek performed coordination planning for the City of Pomona’s Pomona ACTS (Activated for Community Transformation and Sustainability) Transformative Climate Communities (TCC) Planning Grant efforts. To position the City for a future TCC implementation grant application, Dudek investigated available leverage funding, identified and assessed potential projects, assisted with engagement, and advanced priority transportation projects.

Project Facts
  • City of Pomona
  • Los Angeles County, California
  • Collaborated with City planners to determine grant-competitive projects
  • Crafted a framework for the community to compare and prioritize projects
Graphic depicting the balance of considerations for Transformative Climate Communities (TCC). The graphic heading reads: TCC Success requires balancing... Beneath that, a triangle shape has labels on each side, which say "Environmental Need," "Viable Projects," and "Community Desire."

The Challenge

Pomona ACTS had assembled a planning team related to clean energy and community engagement but needed additional TCC experience to fill certain knowledge gaps, including the leverage funding landscape in the project area and projects in the transportation sector.

Train station in Pomona, California, which is within the bounds of the Pomona ACTS planning area.

The Solution

Dudek provided TCC expertise to support a future TCC implementation grant application. Our planners assembled a project map and summary table to help the public quickly compare and prioritize projects. In addition, we crafted project assessments that will allow decision-makers to more deeply understand which projects are most grant competitive. The analysis included in these deliverables can be translated into the future grant application, reducing the time and effort required for an application of TCC’s magnitude.

Map of Pomona ACTS planning area.

The Impact

If a TCC implementation grant is awarded, it will provide more than 20 million dollars in funding for the City of Pomona, a severely disadvantaged community, to be spent on climate-resilient, GHG-reducing, community-driven projects. Additionally, this coordination planning work identified several shovel-ready projects, which positions the City well for other state grants.

What We Did

Our multidisciplinary specialties allow us to provide efficiencies that maintain project momentum.

Next Project

City of Bakersfield Transformative Climate Communities Plan

The Bakersfield Transformative Climate Communities Plan identifies projects that support the development of housing, employment, and active transportation through Cap and Trade, as well as other state-level funding sources. Dudek led a qualitative and GIS-based review of City plans and policy to identify the most competitive projects for grant funding based on their defensible greenhouse gas reductions and community support.

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