Wave Runup Analysis

Dudek’s Coastal Engineering team can develop wave runup analyses and other reports that lead to construction permit approval, outline technical information that protects your project from wave flooding, and provide a general understanding of coastal conditions at your project site. You’ll receive thorough reports with comprehensive findings and actionable next steps, delivered on time and within budget.

The Challenge

Wave runup, or wave uprush, is a sudden, short-term phenomenon during storm events that affects coastal areas in unique ways.

When combined with sea level rise, wave runup poses a significant flooding threat to shoreline features like beaches, dunes, and structures.

The Solution

We apply our understanding of coastal science to develop wave runup analyses that address these hazards and build resilience in advance of storm events, helping mitigate the impact on the natural and built environment.

Our coastal engineering staff have experience completing wave runup studies for distinctive sites, ranging from beachfront residences to structures protected by riprap revetments within inlet channels.

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California Coastal Commission (CCC) permit approvals can be complicated, time consuming, and expensive. Learn how to expedite the process.

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