2018 Urban Forestry Grants Now Open

Now’s the time to begin 2018 grant application preparations for CAL FIRE’s Urban and Community Forestry Program Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund, which provides funding for urban forestry projects for cities, counties, districts, and non-profit organizations. Awarded funding may be applied to projects including, but not limited to:

  • Urban tree plans that include coordination of local agency efforts and citizen involvement;
  • Development of urban forest master plans or similar plans designed to provide comprehensive protection, maintenance, and management of the urban forest;
  • Tree planting; and
  • Partnership projects including:
    • Energy-saving urban forest programs;
    • Water conservation, quality, or stormwater capture;
    • Air quality improvement, greenhouse gas reduction, or heat sink reduction;
    • Community education and engagement programs on tree benefits and proper care;
    • Training and educational materials on urban forest benefits and lifespan tree care and maintenance;
    • Urban forest management to optimize urban forest benefits; and
    • Urban forestry demonstration projects focused on supporting the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, improving energy and water conservation, capturing and filtering urban stormwater, improving water quality, reducing the urban heat island effect, improving air quality, and wood and fiber utilization projects, including, but not limited to, biofuel and bioenergy.

For more information or assistance preparing an Urban and Community Forestry Program Greenhouse Gas Reduction funding application for 2018, contact Mike Huff, urban forestry and fire protection planner, at mhuff@dudek.com or 949.373.8315.