Urban Forest Management Planning

We utilize a 5-step process to achieve short- and long-term urban forest management planning goals, resulting in a high-quality, implementable urban forest management plan (UFMP) that incorporates key stakeholder tree priorities and values.

  • Los Angeles, California
  • Irvine, California
  • Pasadena, California
  • Beverly Hills, California
  • San Jose, California
  • Downey, California
  • La Mesa, California
  • Temecula, California
  • Willits, California

5 Steps to UFMP Success

Form the team – Identify all key City staff, elected officials, and community stakeholders who have a role or voice in the management of the urban forest. This group will help formulate the vision and goals for the UFMP, and provide valuable insight into current management practices.

Analyze the Current Condition – We help you develop a comprehensive understanding of the urban forest and its management practices by examining the tree inventory; completing a canopy cover analysis using i-Tree or available LiDAR; reviewing City documents, guidelines, ordinances and budgets; and interviewing City staff to understand internal protocols and governance structures.

Engage the Community – We facilitate meaningful inclusion of resident input and values regarding preserving community character through working groups, online surveys, webinars, outreach meetings, and other formal and informal discussions. When meeting in person isn’t possible, practical, or convenient, we can facilitate in-person and virtual public outreach and provide a recording of the meeting and transcript to reach an even larger audience.

Create the Plan – Our UFMP experts generate goals by interpreting current condition analysis, incorporating City priorities and community feedback, and applying industry standards. These goals are obtainable in the short- and long-term and are bold, where needed, to help reach the City’s vision for its urban forest.

Implement Your Living Document – Through collaboration with your staff and the community, the final draft of the UFMP will reflect the values and principles of the entire community. We craft visually engaging plans to display complex ideas simply, leading to approval from your staff, elected officials, and community members and immediate implementation upon adoption.

What We Do

Our urban forestry team comprises arborists, foresters, tree risk assessors, and fire protection planning experts. These professionals are supported by numerous in-house, specialized support teams to create an implementable and polished UFMP for your community.

Our UFMP Experts

Mike Huff Registered Consulting Arborist
Chris Kallstrand Certified Arborist, Qualified Tree-Risk Assessor
Ryan Allen Certified Arborist, Qualified Tree-Risk Assessor


First Step to an Urban Forest Management Plan for the City of Los Angeles

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