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How Pre-Procurement Can Overcome Constraints on Wastewater Infrastructure Projects

Dudek engineers successfully administered variations of pre-procurement processes to shorten construction schedules while controlling costs and project risks on three recent wastewater infrastructure projects. Focusing on unique project needs, Dudek used three progressively complex pre-procurement methods: pre-selection, pre-approval, and pre-purchase of equipment and materials. Each approach was carefully administered within specific exceptions to California’s Public

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Grant Funding for Plant Upgrades Through Fast-Tracked Design and Construction

City officials of Guadalupe, CA recently completed the successful upgraded of its wastewater treatment plant, securing state grant funding for the project by adhering to a tight completion schedule and using innovative procurement methods. Dudek engineers assisted the city by designing the major plant upgrade, administering the $4.5 million Proposition 50 grant, and assisting during

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How Carpinteria Uses Extension of Staff

For the City of Carpinteria, extension-of-staff is key for supplementing the 30-person city staff during busy periods. Despite a full-time population of 15,000, Carpinteria is active with municipal projects as a result of its location along the heavily-trafficked Los Angeles – Santa Barbara Central Coast corridor. CalTrans’ focus to improve mobility within this corridor has

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