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Energized Work Plans Ensure Safety of Affected Workers during Solar Project Construction

From 2015–2019, total installed solar energy capacity in the United States nearly tripled from 23.44 gigawatts (GW) to 62.3 GW. While this solar energy boom is a positive sign of the country’s transition to green energy, it requires increased understanding of the hazards associated with solar energy project construction. Many contractors must contend with the

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Glare Analysis and Photo Simulations Provide Transparency throughout Solar Energy Project Development

Glare from solar panels can potentially impact sensitive receptors, such as aircraft pilots, air traffic controllers, motorists, residents, and recreationists. So, glint/glare analysis is increasingly becoming a required component of solar development applications at the local and federal level. Additionally, depending on complexity, project components can be difficult for the public and decision makers to

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3 Keys to Successful Renewable Energy Permitting in Virginia

Virginia recently passed the Virginia Clean Economy Act, which includes a renewable portfolio standard that will require all of its utility companies to source 100% of their electricity from renewable sources by 2050. As such, the demand for permitting and constructing renewable energy facilities is now stronger than ever. Successful regulatory permitting of renewable energy

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