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Using Zoom Webinar to Conduct Secure Virtual Public Outreach, Meetings, and Presentations

With stay-at-home orders in place, people are increasingly turning to online technology to meet virtually. For projects with a requirement to conduct public outreach or with a need to hold public board meetings or presentations, technologies like Zoom are critical. However, swift, widespread adoption of the technology also revealed vulnerabilities and weaknesses of the Zoom

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Roadmap Eases Way for Aquaculture Permitting and Shellfish Restoration

Ventura Port District (District) is undertaking a collaborative effort to implement a permitting roadmap to bring sustainably cultivated shellfish operations to Ventura Harbor. Though there is great demand for locally sourced seafood that doesn’t harm the environment, the regulatory permitting path to allow an aquaculture operation can be difficult to discern. Successful aquaculture offers opportunities

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