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Historic Context Statement for the Los Angeles County Metro Area Plan

The Los Angeles County Metro Area Plan (LAMAP) is a comprehensive planning effort for seven community planning areas within the urbanized core of the County of Los Angeles (County). Dudek helped the County prepare the plan, including a Historic Context Statement to inform and enhance the larger MAP project as it relates to historic resources.

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Portland Airport Native Peoples and Aviation Public History Display

Dudek’s work on the Native Peoples and Aviation Public History Display helped the Port of Portland meet its obligations under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act, while also encouraging airport visitors to learn more about the Native peoples of the region and their vibrant cultural traditions. Located in Portland International Airport, the display

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Historic Designation for the La Paloma Theater

California is home to countless historic places, some dating back more than a century, and many of which carry no official historic designation. Historic designation on local, state or national registers offers a variety of benefits to property owners and communities, including the formal recognition of a property’s historical or architectural significance, the promotion and

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