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Trees are Infrastructure: Planning for Trees to Create Resilient, Equitable Communities

Planning for Trees Improves Climate Resiliency As the climate changes and the earth warms, extreme heat days (temperatures over 95°F) have increased in frequency and wildfires fueled by dry vegetation burn bigger and for longer, negatively impacting air quality both locally and nationally. While unable to completely cancel out the impacts of an extreme heat

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Indio Transformative Climate Communities Plan

The Indio Transformative Climate Communities Plan is a roadmap to identify and prioritize projects and investments in the City of Indio’s Jewel Community to support neighborhood-level environmental, public health, workforce, and economic benefits. The plan explores community projects in four key themes: community, housing, transportation, and urban greening.

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Environmental Justice Considerations in Climate Action Planning

In a changing world subject to ever-increasing climate-related hazards, including increased air pollution, extreme heat, sea-level rise, and wildfires, planning and developing projects with a consideration of environmental justice is crucial. Per the EPA, environmental justice (EJ) is “the fair treatment and meaningful involvement” of all people regarding development, implementation, and enforcement of environmental laws,

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