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Water District Outsources Engineering

Like most Southern California water agencies, the Ramona Municipal Water District (RMWD) has recently struggled to balance increasing costs of raw water and operating expenses with declining water sales. In ongoing efforts to hold down customer rate increases, maintain high levels of services and improve customer satisfaction, the district’s board of directors and management team

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Extension of Staff Interviewing Tips

Municipal agencies’ staffing challenge is well known – retiring boomers; a next generation workforce that is smaller and less experienced in critical technical areas; an unstable economy; tighter budgets. When agencies talk to us about extension of staff they view it as a cost-effective way to match the right technical expertise with fluctuating and diverse

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How Carpinteria Uses Extension of Staff

For the City of Carpinteria, extension-of-staff is key for supplementing the 30-person city staff during busy periods. Despite a full-time population of 15,000, Carpinteria is active with municipal projects as a result of its location along the heavily-trafficked Los Angeles – Santa Barbara Central Coast corridor. CalTrans’ focus to improve mobility within this corridor has

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