Well Design and Construction

Our professional engineers, hydrogeologists, and construction managers specialize in well planning, design, equipping, drilling, and construction for the installation of monitoring wells, well rehabilitation, and well destruction projects.

Full Project Life Cycle Support from Siting to Construction

Our team of experts can assist with well siting, preliminary and final designs for well construction and equipping, and provide oversight for well development, aquifer zone testing, and well efficiency testing. We design and conduct step-tests, constant-rate aquifer tests, and provide a full analysis to characterize your well’s performance. Dudek’s qualified personnel can provide 24/7 construction management during well drilling and well-equipping activities, well rehabilitation, and well destruction.

We have worked with most regulatory agencies in California to ensure that our projects meet their required construction standards and testing protocols.

Construction Oversight and Testing

We provide design services and oversight during the drilling, construction, development and testing of water supply wells and monitoring wells, including developing well construction work plans, obtaining well permits, overseeing the logistical planning and implementation of well construction projects, and providing oversight during the development and testing phases of new wells or rehabilitated wells.

We design and implement aquifer tests and analyze results to characterize well performance and aquifer properties, as well as develop operation plans for supply wells. Our experts characterize water quality using zone-testing and full production to inform on the potential design of wellhead treatment or future modifications to a well to improve water quality.

Clients Served

  • City of Long Beach Water Department
  • City of Newport Beach
  • City of San Clemente
  • Eastern Municipal Water District
  • Joshua Basin Water District

What We Do

Our multidisciplinary in-house specialties allow us to provide efficiencies that maintain project momentum.

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