UAV Construction Monitoring

Dudek has mapped renewable energy sites utilizing UAV technology since 2016. With our large, distributed team of pilots we can support construction projects in every state. For international projects, we can train your pilots to fly over a construction site to collect data that will be used for the UAV construction monitoring system.

We Offer
  • Experienced Data Collection and Processing Team
  • Perfect Safety Record
  • Custom Construction Monitoring Portal
  • Proven Results with 99.8% accuracy

The Challenge

Renewable energy projects need to accurately track the installation of construction materials at the project site, so quantities can be used to report project status and guide invoicing. As most site teams have demanding day-to-day activities, construction status reporting is usually the last item to be completed and is prone to human errors.

Aerial view of a solar farm where UAV construction monitoring is taking place.

The Solution

The UAV-based solution developed by Dudek utilizes machine learning to cost-effectively analyze large datasets and provide accurate results within 24 hours of data collection.

UAV-Based Construction Monitoring

From Data to Deliverable

We perform UAV construction monitoring to collect data that is used to create highly accurate inventory assessments and monitor construction material installation counts on a daily basis. In a seamless process, UAV data is collected by construction site staff or Dudek UAV pilots before that data is uploaded to a secure Cloud storage system. Then, our machine learning technology is used to update material counts within 24 hours of UAV flight. The project data is stored and distributed to desktop and mobile platforms before finally, being accessed on desktop and mobile devices.

Infographic of UAV construction monitoring using infrastructure inspection technology. The graphic shows the flight path of a drone flying over a solar energy farm that is under construction.


Our reliable system has been tested across 963 MW over the course of eight months with results at 99.8% accuracy. We have a proven record of helping to keep construction schedules on track by providing complete data sets of project sites that allow for daily material tracking.

UAV Data Collection vs. Manual Counting

  • Lower cost
  • Faster data capture
  • Improved safety
  • Better visualization of project site and progress
  • Higher accuracy inventory counts

Expedited Data Processing

  • 24-hour turnaround provides up-to-date material tracking counts
  • Project site data at your fingertips on desktop and mobile

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