Transportation Planning, Impact Assessment, and Design

Successful transportation planning, assessment, and design require in-depth understanding of evolving technology and an ever-changing regulatory landscape. Our certified transportation and air quality planners and professional engineers understand the latest transportation regulations, and implement best practices to help you develop or adapt projects to maximize your budgets and minimize potential impacts.

Planning and Impact Assessment

We provide technical transportation planning, traffic impact assessment, engineering design, and California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) expertise, quantifying project effects using the appropriate metrics and methods for project-specific concerns. We help you tackle short- and long-term transportation challenges, whether they relate to capital projects, programs, or long-range plans. Additionally, our air quality experts, transportation planners, and noise technicians collaborate to guide projects through analysis under Senate Bill (SB) 743.

Transportation Infrastructure Design

Safe and efficient transportation infrastructure is a key element to maintaining vitality and quality of life for our communities. Our professional civil engineers understand how to overcome technical challenges so design does not compromise the merit and longevity of the project while balance competing demands, improving community connectivity and safety, and reducing congestion.

What We Do

Our multidisciplinary in-house specialties allow us to provide efficiencies that maintain project momentum.
  • Stormwater Drainage Management and Design
  • Access and Circulation Analysis
  • Active Transportation Planning
  • Agency Approval Support
  • ADA-Compliant Assessment and Design
  • Bicycle, NEV, and Pedestrian Safety, Planning, and Design
  • Construction Document Preparation, Signing, and Striping Plans
  • Due Diligence and Project Trip Generation Quantification
  • Green and Complete Streets
  • Low-Impact Development Design
  • Parking Facility Design
  • Parking Studies
  • Pavement Management Planning and Rehabilitation Design
  • Project Planning
  • SB 743 Compliance
  • Transportation Demand Management Plans and Implementation
  • Transportation Impact Analysis
  • VMT Calculations and Reductions

Project Support

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