Visual Storytelling

Our visual storytellers create engaging graphic design and visual communications that translate technical subjects and marketing messages effectively. We specialize in developing creative and powerful visual storytelling products that communicate complex information to a variety of audiences through graphics, audio/visual, and printed materials.

We are Visual Storytellers

Having the expertise to gather data isn’t enough. You need a team that molds that data into cohesive visual messages that communicate your story to all audiences in all media. Dudek’s Technical Visual Storytelling team has over 20 years of experience creating visuals for the environmental consulting industry, major media news outlets, JPL/NASA, litigation firms, and educational institutions.

3D illustration depicting how Urban Heat Island Effect can be mitigated with greenery (click graphic to view larger)

We Simplify Complexity

We take lengthy or complex descriptions of processes, progress, or workflow that may be hard for readers to visualize and create engaging, easy-to-understand graphics that do the explaining for you.


Overview visual showing all the basic components of a construction project (click graphic to view larger)

We Help You Get Straight to the Point

Do you really need all those words? Could you get your point across in 200, 100, even just 50 words? We can lighten your document load by replacing dense blocks of text with a visual or series of visuals that incorporate just enough text to illustrate the point.

Animation showing the pipe jacking process

We Turn Numbers into Narratives

It’s not only dense text that may weigh down your message. Sometimes, you’ve got raw data–rows of numbers in a table–that you need readers to make sense of. Our visual storytellers combine their technical expertise with creative vision to craft static and motion graphics that convey data accurately and succinctly. We help you move stakeholders from “What?” to “Wow!”

Data visualization showing water level and status of Oxnard Basin wells (click graphic to view larger)

What We Do

Our multidisciplinary in-house specialties allow us to provide efficiencies that maintain project momentum.

Project Support


Honorable Mention

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Visual Storytelling Category

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Excellence Award

2022 NPC Conference Conference Interactive Tour

APA San Diego Section Awards

Communication Initiative Category

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Outstanding Award

SDSU Mission Valley Campus Master Plan EIR

AEP San Diego Section Awards

Outstanding Environmental Analysis Document (EIR or EIS) Category

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