Development Siting, Entitlement, and Engineering

Site development projects present significant challenges that require a nuanced approach from acquisition to disposition. Our experts provide site development services on projects for site selection, due diligence, planning, technical studies, CEQA/NEPA reports, and public hearings. We help you shorten schedules, reduce processing time, minimize regulatory risks, and enhance your property’s value.

Site Selection and Due Diligence

We develop “focus areas” based on local planning documents, ongoing plan updates and existing relationships to identify underutilized and/or undervalued opportunities for low-risk, high-return investments.

Our experts analyze sites, anticipate hurdles, and provide feedback to reduce the potential for overlooking critical information. Based on the site and due diligence materials, we model potential revenues and costs, and begin to shape overall project goals and priorities.

Entitlement Processing and Coordination

Once a site is secured, our team works with the local jurisdiction and the public to solicit early feedback for incorporation into the project design. Early engagement helps avoid potential roadblocks while communicating benefits to secure project support. Then, we refine plans further as our technical specialists prepare studies to anticipate CEQA issues and facilitate environmental analyses. Attention to these details reduces processing time, facilitates a more defensible project and provides validation for decision makers.

Post-Entitlement Support

We provide additional value by processing final maps, grading and improvement plans, landscape plans, and necessary permits (Clean Water Act Sections 401/404/1602), as well as implementing SWPPPs, project mitigation monitoring, and reporting programs (MMRPs) and Conditions of Approval. Serving as the project manager throughout the process means our site development experts can efficiently navigate the post-approval phase.

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Our multidisciplinary in-house specialties allow us to provide efficiencies that maintain project momentum.

Site Selection/Due Diligence

Project Entitlement

Design Engineering

Project Implementation

  • Otay Ranch Planned Community

    Case Study

    Otay Ranch is a 23,000-acre site with a pedestrian-friendly, 5,300-acre planned community and extensive preserve land in southern San Diego County.

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