Planning and Urban Design

Our Planning and Urban Design group seeks to provide useful, practical, implementation-focused planning services that offer a platform for real change. Our plans are realistic, bold, and stand the test of time.

Community members interact with a toy city as part of the South Colton Livable Corridor Plan outreach process

Centering Community Needs

We emphasize communication and consensus building in each planning process. Our planners approach each project with a commitment to prepare a plan that is in your community’s best interest. Incorporating up-to-date planning tools, trends, and best practices, we provide innovative, cost-effective planning and community engagement programs.

Our diverse group includes native Spanish speakers, and our planners truly embrace and embody varied cultures, backgrounds and perspectives.

Building Resilient Communities

Dudek in-house team of climate resilience, adaptation, and environmental justice experts are committed to building safe, equitable, resilient communities. We work with community members to meaningfully and systemically change the planning process, so that environmental justice and equity are seamlessly integrated.

Backed by our in-house technical team of urban foresters, wildfire protection planners, water resource experts, coastal planners, and urban designers, we are graphically-focused and successfully distill complex scientific information for a range of audiences.

Creating Fair and Equitable Housing Solutions

Our team collaborates with cities and counties across California to provide solutions to the state’s housing crisis. Our housing planners are experts in state housing law and craft creative policies, programs, and solutions that are sensitive to community needs, while fulfilling state law and contributing to the production of fair and equitable housing access.

Sustaining Coastal Resources

Our coastal resources are limited. Sea-level rise will change our coast forever. Dudek’s coastal planners work collaboratively with clients and coastal agencies to find holistic solutions to regulatory and planning challenges. We embrace and protect the mutual benefits of sustaining coastal resources, while helping our clients reimagine the land–sea interface. Together, we are innovating human and physical resilience along the coast.

Artist's rendering of shopping center for the Mira Mesa Community Plan Update

Designing Vibrant Urban Spaces

Great places derive their success from the synergies of thoughtful urban design, first-rate infrastructure, and excellent mobility. Our urban design team strives to question long-standing planning frameworks to reveal their follies.

We provide cities with the tools to dismantle policies that used class, race, or ethnicity to explicitly or implicitly determine where people can and cannot live. We help cities regain a balanced use of their public realm. We seek to curb the sprawling, predatory tendencies of human habitation, blind to its impacts on our planet’s other occupants.

What We Do

Our multidisciplinary in-house specialties allow us to provide efficiencies that maintain project momentum.



Indio Transformative Climate Communities Plan

Indio Transformative Climate Communities Plan


City of San Diego 2021 Annual Housing Inventory Report

City of San Diego Annual Housing Inventory Reports

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