Web GIS for LCRR Compliance

The EPA’s Lead and Copper Rule Revision (LCRR) requires water utilities to create an inventory of lead and copper service lines by October 16, 2024. These inventories can be streamlined by using Web GIS to collect and map service line data in an online mapping portal.

What is the LCRR?

The Lead and Copper Rule Revision is a 2021 update by the Environmental Protection Agency regulating lead and copper levels in drinking water. The EPA requires compliance by all community and non-transient non-community public supply systems to strengthen public health protections by reducing exposure to lead and copper.

Construction workers replace drinking water pipelines in compliance with the LCRR

What do water utilities have to do to comply with the LCRR?

  • Conduct an inventory of lead service lines
  • Develop and implement plans for the replacement of lead service lines
  • Adhere to more stringent sampling and testing protocols
  • Improve communication with the public about lead levels in drinking water.

How can Web GIS support compliance?

  • Planning. Outline your implementation plan, set goals, and easily monitor progress.
  • Data Collection and Integration. Integrate disparate data sources, such as property information, meter data, and work orders, in ArcGIS.
  • Data analysis and modeling. Analyze data to predict likely locations of lead service lines. Verify data in the field and share information with stakeholders via mobile apps and web maps.
  • Data visualization and reporting. Share real-time lead service line data with the public in easy-to-understand maps.
  • Service line maintenance and updates. Track the status of lead service line replacement.

Deep Dive Webinar

Hear from our mapping and surveying experts on what the LCRR is, what it requires from water utilities, and how Web GIS can support LCRR compliance.

Key Points


Lead service line inventories must be completed by October 16, 2024 


Community water systems (CWS) and non-transient non-community water systems (NTNC)


To better protect communities and children from the impacts of lead exposure

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