Fisheries Biology

Fish populations and their habitats present increased challenges, requiring special consideration to address environmental and regulatory conditions. Dudek’s fisheries team helps water resource managers, transportation authorities, energy operators, and developers navigate regulatory requirements to ensure project success.

Rainbow trout swimming in sunlight on a UK chalk stream

Fisheries and Aquatic Ecology Experts

Our team includes highly experienced fisheries biologists and aquatic ecologists with expertise in common and special-status species throughout the US. We create balanced approaches to meet technical and practical needs, implementing both simple and logistically demanding field efforts throughout the project life cycle for various project types.

Our fisheries experts support Dudek’s industry-leading CEQA/NEPA and compliance teams and leverage the expertise of our in-house hydrology, mapping and surveying, and habitat restoration and construction staff. Dudek fisheries team members have implemented numerous technical programs focused on studying inland fisheries populations and associated habitats.

Fish swimming near dam

Regulatory Support for Fisheries

Dudek’s fisheries team brings a comprehensive understanding of special-status species and the regulatory environment. We maintain productive relationships with agency representatives and other project partners, developing rational approaches to address typical and unique project situations. When project goals or operations trigger permitting and planning mechanisms, our staff can deliver a full suite of support, including:

  • NMFS (NOAA), USFWS, and CDFW permitting under the federal and California ESAs, as well as Essential Fish Habitat (EHF) consultation and take permits
  • NMFS and USFWS Biological Assessments
  • CEQA/NEPA fisheries assessments and impact analysis

In-Water Construction Compliance

Our fisheries team supports clients with in-water construction from concept through reporting and closeout on projects, including bridge retrofit and replacement, dam retrofit and removal operations, diversion demolition and replacement, fiberoptic cable line development, gas pipeline construction and maintenance, and riverine and wetland restoration.

Our experts have the compliance insight and fisheries expertise to provide practical solutions to all in-water construction projects, whether engaged early in the project or brought on later, to bolster existing project teams and achieve compliance obligations.

What We Do

Our multidisciplinary in-house specialties allow us to provide efficiencies that maintain project momentum.

Planning and Management

  • Fisheries and aquatic resources program management
  • Habitat enhancement and restoration
  • Long-term adaptive management

Population and Habitat

  • Constraints analysis
  • Habitat characterization
  • Population assemblage, abundance, and trends

Specialty Programs

  • Environmental DNA study design and implementation
  • Fish Habitat Design and Construction
  • Fish and amphibian rescue and relocation plans
  • Fish passage assessment and improvement
  • Gravel augmentation and sediment removal
  • Physical habitat modeling
  • Temperature modeling and hyporheic exchange

Support Services

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