Film and Photography

Dudek’s in-house media production team offers a wide range of professional film and photography services to support your project needs. From cinematic project films, custom video animation, and public outreach video series to professional photography and drone imagery, our expert team helps you tell your project story with engaging photos and videos.

Passionate Storytelling

Anyone with a camera can film video or take photos, but we’re not satisfied by simply checking a box to deliver standard video content. Our professional cinematographers, film editors, and photographers are passionate about storytelling, looking at the bigger picture to determine the “why” behind the content creation.

We work with you to review your past video content, its distribution, and its performance to generate creative ideas for video and photo content that is purpose-driven and has the community and project stakeholders at its heart.

Art Backed by Science

Regardless of whether you’re already engaged with Dudek on your project, our deliverables are improved by the knowledge of Dudek’s entire staff. Our team provides you with the best possible product by collaborating with our technical experts to ensure accurate, science-based, and culturally sensitive storytelling.

Project Storytelling

We create engaging custom videos to help you share project information with your target audience.

Outreach and Cultural Content

We work with governmental agencies and private sector clients to create a range of cultural and outreach videos.

Custom Animation

We provide start-to-finish support for custom video animations, including conceptualization, scriptwriting, illustration, animation, and video editing.

Aerial Imagery

Our licensed commercial drone operators can service all your aerial imagery needs, from 4k cinematic footage to still photography.

Professional Photography

We capture beautiful professional photography for your project, including the active construction and finished project site, candid shots of staff in the field, or professional headshots for project materials.

What We Do

Our multidisciplinary in-house specialties allow us to provide efficiencies that maintain project momentum.
  • Aerial photography and videography
  • Cinematic project videos
  • Creative consultancy
  • Cultural video content
  • Custom animated videos
  • Outreach content
  • Professional video editing
  • Project photography
  • Scriptwriting
  • Short form documentaries



Video Animation for the DWR Tribal Water Stories Graphic Novels

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