Pure Water San Diego

Pure Water San Diego transforms the City’s water and wastewater systems into an urban water cycle that maximizes use of the world’s most precious resource. Upon completion, Pure Water will produce 83 million gallons per day of potable recycled water through the design and construction of new advanced water purification, pumping, and conveyance facilities, as

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Santa Ana River Conservation and Conjunctive Use Program

Five regional water agencies within the Santa Ana River Watershed joined in an innovative collaboration to develop and implement a watershed-wide “large water supply” solution. Dudek Engineers facilitated brainstorming and, with agency staffs, led the development of the Santa Ana River Conservation and Conjunctive Use Program (SARCCUP), in addition to grant application preparation and designing

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Carlsbad Desalination Plant EIR

The Carlsbad desalination plant is the largest seawater desalination facility in the United States, producing up to 50 million gallons daily of potable water, supplying 10% of San Diego County’s water. The plant ensures a locally controlled, drought-proof, high-quality supply of water for about 400,000 people.

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