Our Culture

Our culture is the foundation of who we are and how we work.

Our Mission and Values

We deliver excellence to clients by planning, designing, permitting, and building projects that enhance our natural and built environments. To do that, we abide by shared values:

  • Trust:  We trust each other to use good judgment.
  • Respect:  We act professionally and treat each other fairly.
  • Teamwork:  We come together, share openly, and apply diverse perspectives.
  • Fun:  We take our work seriously…not ourselves.
  • Well-Being:  We care about each other’s health, safety, and total wellness.
Building Our Diverse Community

At Dudek, we need inclusivity and equity to succeed and diversity to lead.

  • We understand that the best problem solving happens when diverse viewpoints and experiences are applied.
  • We recognize that different perspectives, inclusivity, and trust build a stronger culture and add value to our firm.
  • We celebrate our differences and strive to make meaningful progress toward being a more diverse company.
  • We are committed to continuous improvement, within our company and our communities, though incremental steps and bold decisions.
  • We are more successful together.

The Meaning of Dudek Culture

Culture According to Dudekians

Serving Our Community

Our culture manifests in countless ways in all the work we do, including in formal programs and initiatives around charitable giving, sustainability, educational outreach, and wellness.



DuGood is our philanthropic initiative, which seeks support the communities in which we live and work through monetary and volunteer contributions.

Launched in 2015, our annual Team Challenge has seen 54 teams raise more than $137,000 for 40 non-profit organizations whose causes the teams believe in. Dudek has matched more than $43,000 in donations to these charities. Additionally, staff are provided with a paid day off each year to volunteer time for a cause that’s important to them.

In 2020, we pledged to donate 600 computers over three years to Computers to Kids San Diego (C2SDK), to aid in their mission to refurbish and distribute electronics so that all children and their families in San Diego, regardless of economic status, have equal access to technology to become computer literate.

DuGood Logo



DuGreen is our sustainability initiative, which works to improve our environmental footprint. We are passionate about the environment and are continuously exploring ways to make Dudek a more environmentally sustainable company.

Spearheaded by our Green Team, DuGreen aims to create a more eco-friendly workplace by establishing companywide best practices and educating staff on green practices they can implement in the office and at home. We also support local environmental organizations, such as the Solana Center for Environmental Innovation, by enlisting their services and volunteering at their events.

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Educational Outreach

Through our educational outreach initiative eDUcate, we aim to foster interest in the work we do and careers in the environmental and engineering field by participating in educational events in our communities.
Our staff actively engage with future archaeologists, biologists, water quality scientists, and more in classrooms, STEM events, and career fairs for students from elementary school through college.

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DuWell is our wellness initiative, aimed at providing education on wellness, benefit resources, and preventive care. DuWell is focused on overall health, and supports Dudekians in promoting work-life balance, while taking full advantage of benefit offerings.

Through in-person and virtual events, regular firmwide wellness challenges, video series, and newsletters, Dudekians are given tools to thrive both at work and at play.

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