Operational Leaders

Our structure empowers project managers to support projects, manage work, maintain positive relationships, and make you successful. Work product teams and operational leaders support our practice leaders, who, in turn, provide excellent client service and high-quality work products.

Joe Monaco

“I am fascinated with the interplay between science and policy. Where the objective of science is discovery, the outcome of policy needs to be a decision. Dudek experts understand the balance of economic and technological progress with a cautious consideration of the consequences of that growth. We are long term partners for our clients as we interpret and apply regulatory change.”

Eric Wilson

“Exploring, innovating, and questioning have always come naturally to me. I am a problem solver and I love science. I find that building relationships, seeking common ground, and celebrating success have honed my entrepreneurial spirit as well as my desire to build better communities. No wonder it is so easy, every morning, to come work at Dudek, a place that shares and reinforces my values.”

Bob Ohlund

“Engineering is the juxtaposition of art and need and engineers are creative people that love what they do. We blend our creativity with discipline to provide infrastructure solutions that are the foundation for our society’s economic success and a superior standard of living. Water supply quenches our thirst and produces food. Wastewater and stormwater facilities reduce our risk of disease, injury, and property damage. Roads provide mobility and movement for people and goods. Buildings provide shelter for homes and commerce. Infrastructure is what we do and we do it expertly, with a creative and entrepreneurial flair.”

Derek Reed

“Every day, we dive deeper to understand clients end goals and critical path items, and discuss options and risks for various scenarios. We perform rigorous science and engineering analyses, but have to be able to translate, communicate, and explain the science in a way that clients or the public can understand. It’s satisfying being able to bridge the gap between the hard science and policy to make clients’ projects successful.”

Amy Paul

“My role is to support our team in their never-ending effort to serve our clients and grow our business. I do this by thinking creatively to find solutions to business issues while mitigating risk to produce the desired business results.”

Brian Nordmann

“Technology should be an accelerator to business rather than an inhibitor. Equipping our staff with the right technology allows us to work and collaborate efficiently, wherever we are, to give us a competitive edge and deliver a great service to our clients. My focus is to ensure we maintain that edge and continuously look for opportunities to enable our staff to work smarter.”

Danielle Voss

“HR is, above all, about valuing our people. We continually strive to foster a culture that engages and empowers employees. Providing a culture that holistically supports our staff leads to satisfied employees, which ultimately results in the success of our firm.”

Emily Hart

“Our project managers focus on building lasting relationships with clients to deliver on project needs. Our marketers focus on nurturing these relationships. We find creative ways to understand and connect with clients to build trust for long-term successes. We collaborate with extraordinary people and we’re so glad we get to do it!”

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