Missed Pre-Construction Deadlines? We Can Help!

Missing the February deadline to clear vegetation at pre-construction sites prior to bird nesting season doesn’t need to put the project on hold until September 15 when nesting season ends.

To avoid potential construction delays, vegetation should be cleared at pre-construction sites prior to the breeding season because destroying a bird nest or causing nesting failure is illegal per the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

However, the various resource agencies with which you might be dealing may allow vegetation clearing even if the bird nesting season is underway.

It is required to contact the permitting agency, conduct and document the necessary nesting bird surveys, and provide appropriate monitoring expertise. Dudek has worked with the local, state and federal agencies for over thirty years and is well-versed in the regulatory process.

Dudek can help by making the necessary agency contact and providing experienced staff to conduct the surveys. Dudek biologists located throughout California are available to assist with this process. Once the agency coordination and necessary surveys are completed, Dudek’s landscape contracting company, Habitat Restoration Sciences, Inc. (HRS), can help by providing all equipment and resources for removal of the undesired vegetation. We work together to help our clients keep their projects moving forward. Our 360-degree services take care of each step of the pre-construction process.

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