Marine Wildlife Observation

A marine protected species observer may be required to comply with permit conditions from regulatory agencies for your construction project. An experienced observer can help avoid impacts to listed marine animals, such as the Florida manatee, sea turtles, and smalltooth sawfish.

Certified Observers Across Florida

Dudek’s certified observers perform worker environmental awareness training; communicate with contractors regarding marine life observations, construction activities, and schedules; and diligently monitor the surrounding waters during construction.

Dudek has multiple experienced and certified marine observers on Florida’s east and west coasts. Our certified marine observers monitor all in-water activity during the construction of your project to ensure compliance with permit conditions.

Robust Monitoring, Compliance, and Permitting Support

3 Reasons you Need a Protected Species Observer to Ensure Marine Project Success

Many state and federally issued permits for in-water construction require a protected marine animal watch program to help prevent injury or death of protected marine species. Learn why a protected species observer may be required as part of the watch program condition.

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