Land Development Portal

The Dudek Mapping and Surveying team specializes in delivering innovative services to a wide variety of land development clients. Our groundbreaking Land Development Portal provides you with instant access to your land surveying data so you can make actionable decisions about your project sooner.

  • Real-time project survey data
  • Daily project activity status updates
  • Detailed field pictures
  • Project deliverable database

No more waiting in the dark

Now you can stay informed throughout the project lifecycle with real-time access to project information, while your land surveyor collects data.

One male and one female land surveyor stand in a barren field facing into the distance. A surveying tool stands between them.

Seamless Integration

The Land Development Portal is available for all of your projects, even if Dudek didn’t perform the land surveying.

Whether a new or existing project, the Land Development Portal can be implemented quickly and seamlessly integrates with industry-standard CAD and GIS systems.

Live Project Schedule

The Land Development Portal provides live updates on the project schedule, displaying the status of each task. With this information, you can confidently develop your projects knowing the real-time status of each key project task.

Stay Informed

Are you waiting on the completed ALTA/NSPS or site topo survey to make key decisions? Within the Land Development Portal, you can review all project data as it’s being developed.

View easements, exceptions, boundaries, site topography, and site planimetrics so your engineering team can stay on track, meet deadlines, and support the fast-paced schedules typical of land development projects.

Streamlined Portfolio Management

Do you have several projects active at the same time? With the Land Development Portal, you have instant access to multiple ongoing projects within your company. Review project status and data for all projects at once.

Data Security and Autonomy

The Land Development Portal is built in Esri’s ArcGIS Online system, ensuring the highest levels of online security for all your deliverables. Your account is hosted by Esri, and you’re granted full control over the site.

Your data is never locked nor linked to Dudek, providing you flexibility and autonomy.

Increased ROI

Land development projects are dynamic with tight timelines. Having access to real-time data throughout the project improves efficiency and reduces overall project costs.

Storing all of your spatial data on a single site throughout the project lifecycle reduces the risk of data loss and eliminates the need to redo data files, which can be costly.


Dudek has an experienced team of licensed land surveyors, field surveyors, GIS analysts, and CAD technicians. As a celebrated 20-year Esri partner, we leverage industry-leading technology to provide you with innovative solutions that support informed and actionable decision-making.

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