Industrial Water Facility Audit

Dudek provides a comprehensive suite of services tailored to help address environmental challenges at your industrial water facility head on. Whether your goal is compliance, cost reduction, sustainability or some combination of all three, the first step is understanding where you are now. Our complimentary desktop industrial water facility audit will set you up for success so you can optimize your facility’s performance.

What You Get
  • A comprehensive analysis of your facility’s water and wastewater system
  • A concise technical memo summarizing our findings and recommendations for next steps
  • A transparent and collaborative review process
What You Can Expect

Personalized Initial Discussion

After submitting your request below, we’ll send a request for information, and then one of our experienced engineers will call you. During this conversation, we aim to understand the challenges your facility is currently facing.

Whether it’s a compliance issue, cost reduction goals, or sustainability targets, we tailor our approach to address your specific needs.

Holistic Evaluation and Expert Recommendations

Dudek staff will carefully assess your facility’s complexities as well as:

  • Water and wastewater permits
  • Water sources
  • Wastewater flows
  • Discharge data
  • Stormwater permits
  • Wastewater management systems
  • Treatment layouts and processes
  • Chemical usage
  • Overall facility-wide water balance

Then, we’ll summarize the findings in a concise technical memo. This memo will include a review of our observations and recommendations for a path forward.

Collaborative Review Process

Once you’ve reviewed your technical memo, we’ll follow up with another detailed call. During this discussion, our engineers will walk you through the findings and proposed recommendations.

If you’re interested in working further with us, our in-house experts can address a range of issues, including those relating to air quality, solids, hazardous waste, noise, remediation and due diligence, and entitlement.

Who You’ll Partner With

The Dudek team is comprised of engineers and scientists with a proven track record of successfully providing comprehensive and integrated environmental-related services to a wide range of industrial clients. From EPC and design-build to construction management services, we offer full life cycle support to optimize your facility. Our seasoned experts specialize in providing regulatory support and compliance, treatability and pilot testing, process optimization, and automation upgrades.

We approach projects with the goal of providing the most appropriate technically feasible and cost-efficient solution for the application. Through close collaboration with you, we work to understand your project drivers, preferences, and any constraints, which allow for proposed solutions to align with client expectations and needs. We strive for a transparent and collaborative review process. Your feedback and insights are invaluable to us as we finalize a path forward.

Ready to enhance your water facility's operations?

Take the first step towards a more optimized future by requesting a complimentary industrial water audit today!