Dudek Named Esri Cornerstone Partner Recognizing 20-Year Partnership

Dudek was recognized as a Cornerstone partner at the 2023 Esri Partner Conference, honoring the firm’s dedication to advancing geographic information system (GIS) technology and reaching a notable milestone—20 years of collaboration with Esri.

In 2024, Dudek joined the Esri Partner Network Silver program. This program is for companies with an existing Esri business and a defined go-to-market strategy for Esri technology-based solutions, services, or content offerings. This partnership demonstrates Dudek’s commitment to Esri technology and collaboration.

Dudek GIS specialists rely on Esri ArcGIS software to enhance many of the firm’s services. We leverage Esri’s industry-leading technology to provide clients with innovative solutions that support informed and actionable decision-making. Dudek Mapping and Surveying Practice Director Steve Hochart noted, “We are proud of our enduring partnership with Esri. A 20-year partnership is a testament to Dudek’s commitment to making GIS and geodata readily available. Our advancement to Silver reflects our commitment to Esri technology.”

One such commitment includes the Dudek Land Development Portal, which our Surveying team built leveraging Esri’s platform. The Land Development Portal provides clients with real-time access to a project’s land surveying data and deliverables as surveys are being completed in the field.

Dudek has used Esri technology to deliver mapping and surveying projects in all 50 states since 2002. Hochart said, “We are excited to work closely with Esri this year to grow our ArcGIS Online data management solution that provides clients with innovative web GIS solutions and field data collection services.”

Contact us to learn more about Dudek’s water utility data management solution using Esri’s ArcGIS Online software.