Dudek Marks 35th Anniversary in 2015

A letter from founder and president Frank Dudek:

January 2015

To Our Friends and Colleagues,

2015 is a special year for Dudek as we mark three anniversaries:

  • the 35th anniversary of our founding as a wastewater engineering firm
  • the 25th anniversary of our environmental practice, and
  • the 10th anniversary of Habitat Restoration Sciences, our native habitat landscape construction subsidiary

From two founding engineers in 1980 we have grown to more than 300 environmental planners, scientists, engineers, and technical staff working throughout California.

Our mission remains simple – to make our clients happy by helping them plan, design, build, and maintain successful projects.

We also maintain our focus on California. We are motivated by implementing projects that improve the built and natural environments of the world’s 8th largest economy and one of the most desirable, vibrant places to live. As a firm, we share the state’s bent toward optimism and innovation.

To succeed in California’s incredibly complex regulatory structure, we’ve assembled the diverse team of knowledgeable professionals necessary to move projects forward to approval and implementation. Our team understands the state’s concerned citizenry, distinct communities, overlapping political jurisdictions, and technical challenges as well as its environmental goals and constraints.

We’re bullish on California, and enthusiastic to help improve its water, energy, transportation, development, healthcare, education, and recreational infrastructure by working collaboratively with you. We want to be your “firm of choice” whether the project is a day-to-day operational task or a large, long-term program.

Thank you for all your continued support.

Frank Dudek