Defining Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

In 2020, Dudek had a goal to define our commitment to diversity and inclusion. In the midst of launching that effort, we were, and are still, presented with national news reminding us that injustice persists in our communities. Right now, Dudek’s commitment to diversity entails:

  • Launching a new statement defining our mission and strategy to reflect diversity, inclusion, and equity across our organization. Leveraging this statement to spark and encourage internal dialogues and make specific commitments to actions that follow our mission and strategy.
  • Supporting our communities through strategic partnerships and outreach. We are supporting the National Urban League, and partnering with local affiliates to develop and deliver education programs to encourage and foster diversity in our industry and support underserved communities.
  • Expanding recruiting to reach a more diverse pool of candidates. We have partnered with America’s Job Exchange to expand our reach and visibility within community-based organizations, websites catering to Veteran and disabled candidates, as well as other niche sites focusing on diverse talent.
  • Financially Investing in underserved and minority communities. We have made a donation to the National Urban League (NUL) and plan to continue this financial commitment by budgeting for this and similarly vetted organizations each year. We are additionally planning to provide scholarships through organizations like NUL, to offer greater opportunity to a more diverse pool of students pursuing planning, engineering, and the sciences.
  • Supporting our employee’s diversity and inclusion efforts in their communities. Social responsibility is an integral piece of our culture. Dudek offers volunteer time for each employee to pursue causes of their own choosing.

These efforts reflect a direct response to a pivotal moment in time, but we will continue these and other diversity and inclusion efforts over time. Our ongoing mission is as follows:

At Dudek, we need inclusivity and equity to succeed and diversity to lead.
We understand that the best problem solving happens when diverse viewpoints and experiences are applied.
We recognize that different perspectives, inclusivity, and trust build a stronger culture and add value to our firm.
We celebrate our differences and strive to make meaningful progress toward being a more diverse company.
We are committed to continuous improvement, within our company and our communities, though incremental steps and bold decisions.
We are more successful together.

Learn more about Dudek’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.