SANDAG Regional Transportation Infrastructure Sea-Level Rise Assessment and Adaptation Guidance

To address the risk to transportation infrastructure caused by sea-level rise, the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) sought to assess sea-level rise risks throughout the San Diego County region and plan for climate change adaptation. Dudek evaluated the region’s vulnerability using models and crafted a robust, visually engaging document to guide future sea-level rise

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Coast Boulevard Emergency Sea Cave Stabilization

The City of San Diego’s Coast Boulevard Sea Cave Emergency Stabilization project addressed an eroding sea cave and improved the storm drain system, roadway, and sidewalks impacted by construction. Dudek provided storm drain system design, aerial surveying and mapping, water pollution control planning, and construction monitoring.

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Mountain Ave. West Groundwater Replenishment Basins

The Mountain Ave. West Groundwater Replenishment Basins project is a 40-acre recharge facility that is part of the San Jacinto Valley Enhanced Recharge and Recovery Program (SJVERRP) operated by the Eastern Municipal Water District. The SJVERRP will create a resilient water supply supporting the sustainable management of the San Jacinto Groundwater Basin (Basin), reduce dependence

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