City of Rocklin Uses Mobile App for Water Quality Monitoring

When a new state water quality permit required the City of Rocklin, California to do more pollutant testing of its stormwater system, the city turned to Dudek’s Kerata field data collection mobile app.

Watch the video of Rocklin’s real-time field data collection mobile app for water quality monitoring.

“All the outfalls discharging water directly into the creeks need to be monitored,” said James House, the city’s stormwater engineering technician. “Before we started using Kerata, we’d go out with a paper form, fill it out, snap a photo, collect the data, and move to the next location. The second half of the day we’d spend sitting by a computer inputting all the data, uploading the photos, connecting the photo to the datasheet, getting it in one centralized location, and then printing it out for reports.

Kerata cuts data collection, integration and reporting time in half with use of “intelligent” forms for data collection, real-time streaming of data from the field, and data integration into visual reporting tools.

“I’m able to instantly centralize all my data and I don’t have to go back to the office because the data uploads from the field in real-time,” he said. “The list updates instantly as soon as we send our information in and it pinpoints the location we’ve entered data for on our GIS system.”

House also uses Kerata’s analytical charting tools.

“If I have potassium levels are too high Kerata displays that information and flags that location on the map on by iPad screen. Kerata also puts information into charts and graphs that we need to analyze the information. It makes it incredibly easy as far as presenting the data goes.”

For more information about Kerata contact Lisa Lubeley at Dudek at or at 760-479-4273.