FREE Training - Starting Your Own Drone Program to Save Time and Money on Mapping

Our UAS Services team has mapped 500,000+ acres since 2016, building a streamlined and accomplished drone program that provides services to land surveyors across the United States. This free training cuts right to the chase and reveals how to set up your own drone program and start using this new technology to save time and money on mapping.

Training Topics
  • How Drones Can Provide Cost and Time Savings
  • The Process to Get From Drone to Map
  • The Most Cost Effective Drone for Land Surveyors
  • What Equipment You Need to Start Your Drone Mapping Program

Straight from the Expert

“I like providing education services to clients because it empowers them to begin applying this new and exciting drone technology to find new opportunities in their jobs and save costs, increase efficiency, and increase safety. That said, it takes time integrating a new set of processes into any business, let alone ones as technical as collecting aerial imagery safely and legally with a drone, so patience is key. Our experience in setting up our own internal drone program and mapping over 500,000 acres provides us the background to help teach clients those nuances that will help you scale up your drone surveying operations.”

-Dustin Gaessner, UAS Services Specialist

Want to save time and money on aerial mapping? Attend the FREE drone program training!